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Dream Machine

What is Dream Machine?

 Dream Machine is our original online game show, exclusive to Prizino. Join us on video call and try to grab a prize from our special claw machine.


How to Enter

 Visit the Dream Machine game show page to enter the upcoming draw of your choice. Pay-to-Enter using Tokenz at any time and you will be included in the selection process for that draw.


Selection Process

Unlike traditional game shows that carefully select individuals, we use a random selection process for Dream Machine - that means anyone can be selected to play, you just have to get yourself in the draw.

Pre-Recorded Shows: Every week, a minimum of 10 Players get to play Dream Machine in our pre recorded show. Selected contestants are contacted and have a limited time to respond.

Live Shows: During live broadcasts of Dream Machine, players are randomly selected from the pool of entries. Selected contestants are contacted and have a limited time to respond.


Gameplay Requirements

Players must be aged 18 years of age or older, with a stable broadband or fibre powered internet connection and current internet browser. Contestants are required to connect to the host in the Prizino studio, by joining us remotely on video call.

Contestants must remain on camera, with their faces in full view, for the duration of their time on the show.

Where the format involves a quiz: Contestants may be helped by others (where applicable), but the final answer must come from the playing Contestant.

Depending on format, the game may test the Contestants general and/or specialty knowledge. Contestants may have a limited time to answer. The first answer given may be the only answer accepted.

For all Dream Machine formats: Contestants are required to take control of Dream Machine, our special remote controlled claw machine, using their on-screen controls (when signalled) and attempt to position the claw correctly to grab a winning capsule or item.



Fluent English, eyesight, hearing, depth perception and input dexterity required to play.


How to Win

Any contestant who successfully removes a winning capsule or item from Dream Machine, using its claw functionality, in the allotted time, is a Prizino Winner!

Quiz Bank

What is Quiz Bank?

Quiz Bank is a browser-based instant prize game, exclusive to Pick a themed Quiz Bank, each containing hundreds of Prizes waiting to be won.

Players answer questions against the clock on a topic of their choosing. Correct answers allow players to open prize capsules. Any game, at any time, can be assigned a winning capsule. At the end of each game, Players will select their chosen capsules and they will open to reveal your fate. Will you be our next instant prize winner?


How to Play

 Visit the Quiz Bank game page and choose your game. Select the number of Tokenz you wish to play with and your game starts immediately.

Choose to play between 1 and 5 Tokenz per game. The game remains the same, but each capsule now has a multiple chance of winning a prize.

Answer 5 questions in 60 seconds. Questions have an image/gif, written question and three possible answers each. Game ends when you answer all questions, or time is up. Your first selected answer is final and accepted by the system.


Gameplay Requirements

Players must be aged 18 years of age or older, with an internet connection and internet browser.

Game tests players general and/or specialty knowledge.



Basic reading comprehension, eyesight and input dexterity required to play.


How to Win

Answer questions correctly, open capsules and .

Any Player who answers any question correctly and selects a winning capsule is a Prizino Winner!

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