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08 Sep

Dream Machine - Screen test (Freeplay!)

September 8, 2024    
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
1 Tz

Real prizes!

Win from our most valuable selection of prizes

Real chances!

Every contestant has a fair chance to win any prize on offer. With some skill and a little luck you could grab something amazing on Dream Machine!

How to play Dream Machine

Choose an upcoming show date for our real game show and you could be contacted to play for some awesome real prizes. It only takes 3 minutes to possibly make game show history. Enter to play on a date of your choosing and if you are randomly selected, simply join us at the specified time on video call and take control of our one-of-a-kind claw machine with some truly extraordinary prizes... do you have the skill to grab a winner?

Pre-recored shows

We aim to record two full new episodes of Dream Machine every week. As such, a minimum of 10 players will take part on the Dream Machine pre-recorded game show weekly. These players will be randomly selected by an independent adjudicator from all of the entries until the draw closes.

Live shows

Coming soon, viewers can take part in the live show of Dream Machine and enter through the website during the show for a chance to be instantly chosen to play for some prime-time prizes! Our biggest, wildest selection of prizes will be available to win live on the show, just join us on video call!

Terms for upcoming shows:

Announced prizes will not be honoured for screen test and freeplay or promotional participants, these players take part just for fun and will never take the place of truly randomly selected contestants in future paid draws. Show dates subject to change without notice. Random draws take place on the date shown. Entires are closed and a true random draw is conducted independently by a third-party adjudicator, who issues us a certified result. We contact potential players from these selected people until we have satisfied our entry promises as such, we select twice or more of the required amount of players in the independent draw.