What makes a Prizino Partner?

Prizino Partners are companies, brand owners, affiliates and/or sponsors that appear on our prize game platform.

Partnership Options:

  • Sponsor a Prize (List your item in the Treasury)
  • Sponsor Dream Machine (Be a top prize and live forever in game show history!)
  • Sell on (List your item in the Treasury as a guest item)
  • Advertise on (Directly to your landing page from Prizino)
  • VI@Prizino Email Placement (Four weekly email spots available, sent to our VIP list)

To Sponsor a Prize you will:

  • Offer a Prize (or Prizes), for either possible or guaranteed wins on our platform.
  • Supply the promotional images and videos associated with each Prize for use on our shows, website and in advertisements.
  • Honour the Prize(s) on request within a specified timeframe to the Winner(s) upon completion of the Game(s) or promotional/inclusion period.

Prizino will:

  • Operate our prize platform with irrefutable integrity. For website game prize draws, we use a truly random method, conducted by an independent third-party. For entertainment shows, we use a pseudo-random method on the fly and the producer/promoters decision is final*. Games are skill based.
  • Provide entertainment to our audience while showcasing your product(s) in the context of the show, as both desirable and Prizeworthy*
  • Showcase your brand across our owned media and include you in paid advertisements.
  • Sell your product directly on our site in a drop shipping arrangement and/or link to your website.
  • Contestants may or may not win your product(s), but if selected, your promotional materials will be shown and continue to be shown as part of our Prizes for the duration of the games/promotion.

Extra Special:

For themed shows we may have special prizes which are continually announced and shown for the duration of the show. These events are for larger prizes and we can hold these events for days or weeks as part of the promotion.

Extra Special events are usually guaranteed wins. The game will continue until someone wins, or end with a winning selection at a specified time.

Custom Prizino Prizes

  • Products or games created exclusively for Prizino® are guaranteed to be part of a Special Event.

We LOVE brands and products of all kinds.

We RESPECT brands, images and beliefs.

Is your brand Prizeworthy?

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